Sheriff & Cherry Sunglasses

If you haven’t already heard of this Croatia-based brand, that’s because until recently it has kept a relatively low profile.

Founded in 2004 by Mauro Massarotto – previously the creative director of Ellesse Heritage – and Mark Vassallo, the brand’s inception came about when the men discovered an old optical factory in Croatia that, founded in 1948, was still manufacturing opticals for the local residents. Seduced by their old-school appeal and vintage charm, they went about customising the prototype, working a contemporary spirit into the classic lines.

The result? Fun and flirty frames in fruity colourways – and all handmade with 400-UV-protected organic lenses. “It’s sporty, chic and stylish,” Massarotto told us. “Sheriff & Cherry has energy and creativity, a lot of love and passion, unique colour combinations and a special something.”

It’s this special something that caught the eye of the NET-A-PORTER and Barneys New York buyers last year, and one that ensures they’ll be seen in the coolest of locales this year – think Ibiza in the winter, the Dalmatian coast in the Spring, and the Hamptons come August.

But don’t expect a hefty price tag. Prices start from £75 – a clever move in the sunglasses market, where prices regularly reach over the £150 point. “It was a conscious decision,” Massarotto revealed. “We saw there was a gap in the market for special sunglasses at a very competitive price. We like the idea of having something unique and affordable to sell.”

Like Ray-Ban, Linda Farrow and Carrera before it, Sheriff & Cherry holds serious cult-status potential. 2013 looks set to be the year when its name is on every style-savvy fashionista’s lips; its frames on their faces.Sheriff & Cherry Sunglasses Sheriff & Cherry Sunglasses c-s-07_v_22jan13_b_1080x720 c-s-06_v_22jan13_b_1080x720 c-s-05_v_22jan13_b_1080x720 Sheriff & Cherry Sunglasses Sheriff & Cherry Sunglasses c-s-01_v_22jan13_b_1080x720

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