Vogue Greece (Hellas), Glamour Have Closed?…

Lyberis Publications are closing for good due to the economic crisis. Now for those who don’t know anything about the company, Lyberis Publications is one of the most important ones if not the most important due to its cooperation with Conde Nast for Greek magazine franchises such as Vogue, Glamour and Men’s health. Meaning a great deal of death for the fashion press in Greece. 500 people suddenly got “kicked out”, but fortunately some of them got absorbed by several fashion magazines that are still standing . Hopefully the end of Vogue Hellas is not quite sure yet, although its running under the umbrella of Lyberis Publications is. That’s because right now, as we speak, Conde Nest is going under serious consideration of the terms that the titles of Vogue Hellas will be transferred to other publications. In my opinion it’s bad management that led as to this situation, as it is really greedy for a company to run so many things at one time, and maybe the 90s were heaven like for the world of enterprises but someone always has to be perspicacious as history taught us that no era of wealth and well being lasted for too long. So let’s hope for the best, as it will be a huge sight of relief for everyone if Vogue makes it in the end.vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing vogue hellas closing-greece-2009-july-00



  1. Theodora

    Now I know why I have not received Vogue Hellas and had no response to emails!!!
    If Vogue has gone down Good Luck to the rest of Greece xxx

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