Nicholas Kirkwood Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.





“I was thinking about the shape and form of waves,” reveals the designer from his Mount Street flagship. The curves of a crest graphically curl around sandals and open toe nude mesh shoe boots. The idea also manifests as golden metalwork moulded into wedge soles.

Elsewhere, there are suede mules lifted up on gold cigarette heels, point-toed flats in wild turquoise snakeskin and glossy candy pink patent styles with decorative neon metal toe caps. The designer has also elegantly tackled that tricky task of the mid-height heel. “It’s the hardest heel height to make chic!” he admits, before adding, “it’s so easy to come up with designs boasting towering heels, but getting the proportions right on lower versions is always a challenge”. Mission accomplished.NKSS13_1_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_2_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_5_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_6_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_8_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_9_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_10_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_11_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_13_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_19_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_22_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_24_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_26_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_28_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_32_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_35_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_41_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_42_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_43_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_45_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_46_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_49_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_50_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_52_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_57_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_58_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_59_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_60_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_64_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_65_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_68_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_69_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_70_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_73_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_74_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639 NKSS13_79_V_6sept12_pr_b_426x639




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