JWAnderson For Topshop Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The provoking style of JW Anderson is back at Topshop for the second time with a spring/summer collection.

“This collection was more about youth cultural groups,” said Anderson. “The girl has evolved. It’s about carrying over the idea of iconic pieces that can be worn over and over and re-working staple looks from the JW Anderson wardrobe.”

The collection arrives in stores on February 15. JWAnderson08_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson09_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson10_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson11_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson14_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson16_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson18_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson20_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson21_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson22_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson23_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson25_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson27_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson28_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson33_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson40_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson44_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson15_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson13_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson45_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson43_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson41_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson38_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639 JWAnderson32_V_31Jan2013_pr_b_426x639


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