Mario Salvucci – Incredible Creatures

Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-Diane-PernetSearching the internet for more information on the multi-talented artist Marion Salvucci I found this piece on Vogue Italia, where Mario himself narrates in short his love for “incredible creatures” of nature, the iconic Diane Pernet and art:

” It is equally easy for him to design a lamp or a pair of earrings, shifting from macro to micro proportions. A life spent between the dazzling lights of New York and the silence surrounding the Umbrian countryside, multi-talented creative artist Mario Salvucci loves playing with shapes, explore nature, experiment with galvanisation and different metal shades.

I gained hands-on experience in the goldsmith’s art while working as an apprentice in a jewellery-workshop. I was 15-16. A few years later I moved to New York where I worked for various designers. My first very own collection called Mario Salvucci Jewelry was presented in 1985 at theArtwear Gallery in New York.”

That first project was received very well and gave me the chance to sell to well-established retailers like Neiman Marcus and Barneys.

Then came a trip to Philippines: “I travelled through Asia extensively – continues the designer – where in a small village I came across a small cooperative of women producing Abaca, a natural fibre hand woven textile. I loved the effect created by the light filtering through the textile and decided to design a range of highly precious lamps (it took me two days of work for each piece) importing raw materials directly from that same cooperative.”From textile lamps to garments produced from natural silk: “I created a range of embroidered silk shawls inspired to the work of a cooperative of artisans in India.” Until I decided to go back to roots and to my passion for jewellery: “The return to the USA coincided with a search in my work for more essential lines and the rediscovery of the wonderfully secluded spots tucked away in the green hills of the region I was born in.”

“My research resulted in pieces of jewellery inspired by flowers and leaves but also to jellyfish and spiders.”

“Taking cues from her style; I created my first spider-shaped piece using sulphur to achieve a blackened shade and then donated it to my muse Diane Pernet. I love experimenting with galvanisation, that is playing with different quantities of sulphur and then leave it to act for longer or shorter periods of time to achieve jewels with different metal shades making each and every one of them a unique piece.”

From brooches to necklaces, all pieces are designed on the computer first and then shaped manually, one by one. “I do love to wear my jewellery as well: my favourite look is scorpion-brooches on a grey sweatshirt!”Mario-SalvucciIncredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-Dazed-Confused-2 Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-Dazed-Confused Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-Lady-Bug Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-METAMORPHOSIS Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-scorpion Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-spider Incredible-Creatures-Mario-Salvucci-TARANTOLA prayingmantis_0

For more check his website at

PS: Thank you so much dear Billy Angst from for introducing me to Mario Salvucci art!


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