Vs2R – Architectural Shoes

Name/Brand name
Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.

“A three-year course in Fashion Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design. Previously I had attended the faculty of environmental engineering at the Bologna University.”

At the moment…
“I am the owner/creative director of Vs2R, and I’m working on the third collection, the FW 2013/14”.

What’s next…
“I will keep on working on my shoewear line and maybe start new lines of handbags and small leather goods.”

Your personal style
“My style revolves around the balance between a markedly geometrical and structured design and soft, cozy lines.”

Favorite designers/All time icons
Gianfranco Ferrè and Hussein Chalayan for clothing, Camilla Skovgaard and Nicholas Kirkwood for shoewear. My icon is Karl Lagerfeld.”

A special thanks to
“To my family who supported all my choices even when most people thought they were just made on a whim or an impulse.”

Never without/Never with
“Never without high heels. Never with an outfit entirely bought from a store, I think that we should all have fun creating our own style.”

What would you have done if you hadn’t become a fashion designer?
“If I hadn’t become a fashion designer I would have taken a degree in engineering.”

The biggest dream
“Keeping passion and carelessness at the heart of my job and of the creative process in itself, as very often the difficulties we have to face, especially at the beginning, make us forget that what we are doing is making our dreams come true.”

San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia, Italy).

Current city

Describe fashion in three words
“Function follows Form.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“From architecture, in particular I have always been fascinated by metal/concrete/wood structures and mostly by bridges with their idea of connecting and joining different places and elements.”

What is your relationship with materials?
“I have always considered materials as a medium to give life and shape to my projects, and the choice is always instinctive rather than rational.”

Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-126125_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-4512950_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-2623641_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-13654_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-1208879_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-2020157_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-3767435_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. 08-444140_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. 09-993758_0x440 10-372656_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. 11-1194159_0x440 12-1404549_0x440 12-1521438_0x440 13-867322_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. 16-413273_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. 05-2546502_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-1345728_0x440 Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R. Vincenzo Somarrelli/Vs2R.-627574_0x440

source vogue.it


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