Harlequin By Jalouse Magazine

Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-4-720x935 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-2-720x937 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-3-720x937 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-720x937-600x780 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-8-720x937 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-7-720x937 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-6-720x937 Diana-Moldovan-by-Timur-Celikdag-for-Jalouse-February-2013-5-720x937Credits:
Model: Diana Moldovan
Photography: Timur Celikdag
Stylist: Anne Sophie Thomas
Hair: Sebastien le Corroller
Make-up: Ent Whitehead

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