Reed Krakoff & Ladurée = Strange Love

reed krakoff for ladureeLadurée macarons could easily be the signature food for the fashion world, pair it with fashion’s signature drink, Champagne and you have yourself a timeless combination. Ladurée has previously worked with Louboutin and Marni to create an incredibly fashionable macarons. Their latest collaboration is with designer Reed Krakoff, together they have created a box of matte black dark chocolate macarons that they are calling ‘Strange Love.’ The limited edition macaron was launched at their Madison Avenue store. The scrumptious bites of heaven will come in a reed Krakoff box and will tell the story of a dark romance. The boxes will be available throughout the Fall 2013 fashion week. This box of macarons is perfect for a more edgy Valentine’s Day present.




  1. jonathanochart

    I love Laduree! The fact that it’s collaborating with fashion makes it even appetizing (: Thanks for sharing!


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