Laura Mercier Arabesque Spring 2013 Collection

The makeup is soft and fresh, and the shades are a poetic blend of pinks, blues and neutrals. Lips, cheeks, and nails look softly romantic, highlighted in subtle pinks. Eyes wear a gentle palette of semi-matte shades, with a gradation of colors from blue to blush. Eyes are next lined in hues of blue, and accented by full fluttering lashes in black. It’s a look that’s sweet, romantic and absolutely serene.

Laura’s inspiration for 2013 collections draws from the feminine spirit and the many different expressions of women. For the spring season, Laura was inspired by the spirit of light and movement. From the sweet nuance of a ballerina to the fluid moves of yoga and dance, she interpreted motion into a color palette that is soft, ethereal and beautiful.
laura mercier spring 2013 arabesque collection laura mercier spring 2013 arabesque collection
The model is wearing:


  • Foundation Primer
  • Moisture Supreme Foundation in Warm Ivory
  • Secret Camouflage in SC-3
  • Secret Concealer in Medium
  • Secret Brightening Powder in Translucent
  • Créme Cheek Colour in Oleander


  • Free Spritited Baked Eye Shadow Palette
  • Eye Pencil in Stone Grey
  • Faux Lash Mascara in Black


  • Lip Glace in Bare Pink
  • Créme Smooth Lip Colour in Arabesque


  • Nail Lacquer in En Pointe


For products details and prices check them here


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