Alfa Castaldi : Curious,Complete. A Real Artist.

One can not describe (and perhaps love) and caught the chaotic collages of Anna Piaggi if you do not know the work of the photographer Alfa Castaldi. Partners in life and singers of the many facets of fashion, through a language of images, unique, love, Dadaist in the result and accurate in content as an encyclopedia. The factor α. AsPiaggi,herself,writes in the same collection dedicated to his DOUBLE PAGES of Italian Vogue: “The initial idea of ​​the photographic Double Pages could not have existed without my total dependence, to live in harmony with my photographer of a lifetime, Alfa Castaldi . The coexistence of my hats with his Leica, my clothes with his Linhof, my earrings with his “21 mm” or zooming “. On the one hand, the eye and the severity of Castaldi, photographer grew within the group of intellectuals, artists, writers and journalists meet at the Jamaica Bar in Milan’s Brera district between the fifties and sixties, a man of many reportages in Italy and abroad for Italian and Illustration Seventh Day. On the other hand, the flights of fancy of Anna Piaggi, in which irony, dream and deep understanding of what it is made of fashion in compound words are formed or broken through sketches, drawings and images. “The contrast between the intellectual formation of Alfa and a frivolous my disposal was born on our meeting. With Alfa breathed a world of great culture of passionate research. For me wonderful particles, molecules extraordinary that they should not but scratch my superficiality. For me it was important not to leave the vein of instinct, and refractory quotient primordial depth. “In a nutshell Anna Piaggi outlines the relationship of perfect creative balance between the two. Behind the compositions of precise shots Castaldi, lies a vast world of references where the view on fashion dream and refractory to every label of Anna Piaggi is fertile ground. A cow print jumpsuit of Westwood, including newspaper clippings, it becomes almost a cubist painting to Braque, to tell the influence of Leon Bakst in autumn / winter 1990. A striped dress by Valentino with jewels by Cleto Munari-and would love to open a parenthesis on the courage and the intellectual weight of certain combinations deliberately trendy pictures of Castaldi, especially when compared to today-leave status couture and refers severe image of a Doric column. The same careful look can be found in the images ‘stolen’ in the backstage of the fashion shows. Castaldi was one of the first to realize that there, behind the scenes of the fashion show, poses, looks and details can enclose the sense of an entire collection and open the way for other forms of interpretation. Rigor and spontaneity, Alfa and Anna, a perfect A in fashion both personal and universal.Alfa Castaldi Alfa Castaldi-Torino_1983 Alfa Castaldi Milano 1972 Alfa_Castaldi-Walter-Albini_Misterfox_Milano_1971 tumblr_llt7u5OuJe1qcmo9qo1_500 tumblr_lus6mwrjxO1qj0zf0o1_500 tumblr_lznuz21GqS1qfj4o6o1_500 tumblr_maamluBTN21qce3p6o1_500 tumblr_mgi1v7bZD71qj0zf0o1_500 tumblr_mgi1vxGiFk1qj0zf0o1_500 tumblr_mh1os6cOmZ1qcg6s3o1_500 tumblr_mhkkbcaVmL1r3cnvdo1_500 tumblr_mib97ao1Tm1rypfl7o1_500


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