The Rise Of The Closet

luxury closet
The latest trend for men and women alike, it seems, is not just owning the latest in style and fashion but also having an equally chic and luxurious space to store them in. Thus rises the trend of $100,000 closets, as an increasing number of people are looking at having specially designed walk-in, high end closets which resemble plush designer boutiques. These are replete with the likes of clothing and handbags in glass display cases like sculptures; custom-designed couches, expensive crystal bars, sound systems, flat screen TVs and everything else your imagination can conjure. Cases in point are the 400-square-foot, $100,000 closet created for Beverly Hills resident Rochelle Maize; $2.5 million three-story closet with an escalator for the wife of a wealthy industrialist in Mississippi and those for a host of celebrities.

L.A. Closet Design, California Closets and New York-based Clos-ette are some of the leaders in this market and specialize in designing closets which are rooms in their own right and often the centre of attraction in the home. With material possessions on the rise, the day is not far when fashionistas will purchase dedicated apartments just to house their wardrobe!




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    This is a very interesting article on the evolution of the closet. I believe this presents a business opportunity for brands, and entrepreneurs alike. Imagine the possibilities when social media is added to the melting pot. Individual owners will be able to authenticate themselves as bonafide curators. I’m thinking of a platform to take advantage of this trend. It looks like one that will be home to the Pinterest user , the loyalty program member, and self-made brand influencer. Thanks to CoF for the post.

  2. Me

    My dream closets…Just redid our closest through Elfa at the Container Store and they looks amazing. They aren’t walk ins and are pretty small but they make us both feel like we have a million dollar closest in front of us. It makins shopping through your own clothes a hell of a lot more fun!

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