Famous Fashion People – An Illustrated Guide

The website Refinery 29 collaborated with the Manhattan-born and based cartoonist Joana Avillez to compile a list of today’s forward-thinking creative forces who demonstrate genuine style. Each of these characters bring something completely different to the table, and any true fashionista will be able to recognize why they have all been chosen. tom-ford-joana-avillez-corrected anna-dr-joana-avillez-corrected-1 bill-c-joana-avillez-corrected daphne-joana-avillez-corrected marc-joana-avillez-corrected andre-joana-avillez-corrected iris-apfel-corrected diane-pernet-joana-avillez-corrected rei-kawakubo-joana-avillez-correctedsusie-bubble-joana-avillez-corrected tavi-joana-avillez-corrected


    • dear billy lucky you having such an inspirational and iconic friend! thank you so much for the info! i just checked the link you gave me and it is amazing!!!!

      • Mario and I are great friends as well.
        I am sure he would love for you to post his work on your blog.
        I love your Blog!
        I hope that you don`t mind me rebloging?
        People should not miss your cool findings.

      • i’m the one who should thank you Billy!!! you gave me an amazing info, about a very talented artist! art has to be shared,no?! so tomorrow my first post we’ll be about Mario! thank you again!

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