La Mer The Whitening Facial

la mer whiteningFor beauty snobs, La Mer’s Miracle Broth needs no introduction. Now the luxury skincare brand is launching a new formulation containing this potent ingredient.

The latest addition to the brand’s Blanc de la Mer line, The Whitening Facial will fulfil the dreams of those who are on an never-ending quest to be whiter every day. A gentle yet potent two-step, two-zone mask designed especially for sensitive Asian skin, it is said to combat the three major influencers for skin discoloration by lifting grey dullness from the skin, reducing redness and disminishing brown spots.

The powerful cocktail of ingredients include The White Algae Ferment, The Miracle Broth, The Smoothing Ferment and The VibraWhite Ferment, each working in unique ways for a crystal clear complexion.

The Miracle Broth was conceived by aerospace physicist and founder of La Mer Max Huber half a century ago, when he suffered burns in a lab incident. Ever the optimist he turn the tragedy into an opportunity and began a quest to transform the look of his skin. After 12 years and 6000 experiments, the Miracle Broth was born. Essentially a sea-kelp concoction, the powerful elixir contains such ingredients as vitamins C, E and B12 as well as citrus, eucalyptus and alfalfa oil, and is chockfull of positive ions. It soaks the skin in moisture, before soothing sensitivities and renewing radiance.

Meanwhile, the White Algae ferment acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor to help stop the formation of age spots and shield the skin against future discoloration.

The Whitening Facial will be available at La Mer outlets from February 2013.

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