Stefano Pilati’s Eclectic Paris Duplex

The fashion designer brings iconoclastic panache to his duplex in the heart of Paris



  1. perrywarren

    So many things to love. For one, the colors, from his socks to the paint on the bedroom walls to the splash of orange with the Gamper chest of drawers. Two, that the accessories are eclectic without being entirely random and without taking over every open space and cranny. There is a whole lot on that sitting room wall, but not so much that it feels overwhelming or unedited. And the pieces are wonderful, especially that painting in the bedroom. And maybe my absolute favorite thing: it is homey. It’s hard to make a place feel simultaneously designed and accessible, a place you want to curl up in on a Saturday afternoon with hot tea and a book, or hang out in with a group of friends laughing and moving around in comfort. Anyway, more than anyone needs to know about how I feel, but there you have it.

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