V Magazine : Double Vision

V Magazine double vision-7 V Magazine double vision-1 V Magazine double vision-2 V Magazine double vision-3 V Magazine double vision-4 V Magazine double vision-6 V Magazine double vision-9 V Magazine double vision-10 V Magazine double vision-11 V Magazine double vision-12 V Magazine double vision-13 V Magazine double vision-14 V Magazine double vision-15 V Magazine double vision-5 V Magazine double visionV Magazine spring/summer 2013 issue:

Credits for this picture:

Sharif Hamza (Photographer)

Tom Van Dorpe (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Shay Ashual (Hair Stylist)

Other people in this editorial:
Maud Laceppe – Makeup Artist
Alana Zimmer – Model

Bette Franke – Model

Catherine McNeil – Model

Constance Jablonski – Model

Kasia Struss – Model

Liu Wen – Model

Marie Piovesan – Model

Martha Hunt – Model

Mirte Maas – Model

Sam Rollinson – Model

Cora Emmanuel – Model

Hanne Gaby Odiele – Model



  1. My favorite double take was the black and white polka dot ensembles by Uniglo and Guess. Very graphic with some nice texture contrasts! I also love the black flower and red flower accessories that were used with the other two graphically inclined doubles (Celine/Kors and Dolce and Gabbana/Hilfiger)!

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