Leyre Valiente : Chimaera

Chimaera is a fantastic and metaphorical journey from fetus (when we all are pure and simple) to chimaera; the complicate yet beautiful monster we get to be when we grow up.Leyre Valiente - Chimaera Leyre Valiente - Chimaera-3 Leyre Valiente - Chimaera-1 Leyre Valiente - Chimaera-2 Leyre Valiente - Chimaera-4 Leyre Valiente - Chimaera-6 Leyre Valiente - Chimaera-5

Photos by Miralla y Calf; Make Up and hair by Raquel Álvarez; Models: Maja (Uno Models) and Mariela Vasileva (Heels Spain)

source notjustalabel.com


  1. These pictures are so intense and the collection is that wonderful intensity as well. I love the photos you used, if I lived in a world where I could wear this type of stuff on the streets, I WOULD.

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