VBH Fall 2013 Collection

The luxurious VBH line of handbags are produced exclusively in Italy using the finest materials and craftsmanship. These contemporary designs are individually handcrafted, and no detail is overlooked in their creation. In fact, each bag has a limited-edition number engraved on a plaque inside.

VBH Fall 2013 Collection VBH Fall 2013 Collection-1 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-2 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-3 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-4 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-5 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-6 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-7 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-8 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-9 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-10 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-11 VBH Fall 2013 Collection-12


    • They are for sure try in department stores or check them website for more info. this collection is not out yet,it will hit the store in september i think. but they are available to pre-order at modaoperandi.com. the prices are between 1.200 dollars to 20.000 dollars

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