H & M Conscious Exclusive Partywear

Hollywood glamour comes to H&M this spring with Conscious Exclusive – a party wear collection made from more sustainable materials. The collection features clothing and accessories for both men and women, and is part of H&M’s Conscious work to offer more sustainable fashion. Materials used in the collection include organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Tencel. The Conscious Exclusive collection will be available in around 140 stores worldwide as well as online from April 4, 2013.

“I love how this collection has pure glamour and style, and is made from more sustainable materials. For us at H&M, it’s natural to think about sustainability, and to have it at the heart of our work,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design.
H & M Conscious Exclusive H & M Conscious Exclusive-1 H & M Conscious Exclusive-2 H & M Conscious Exclusive-3 H & M Conscious Exclusive-4 H & M Conscious Exclusive-5 H & M Conscious Exclusive-6 H & M Conscious Exclusive-7 H & M Conscious Exclusive-8 H & M Conscious Exclusive-9 H & M Conscious Exclusive-10 H & M Conscious Exclusive-11 H & M Conscious Exclusive-12 H & M Conscious Exclusive-13 H & M Conscious Exclusive-14 H & M Conscious Exclusive-15 H & M Conscious Exclusive-16 H & M Conscious Exclusive-17 H & M Conscious Exclusive-18


  1. H M F

    LOVE that black jumpsuit! H&M have suddenly got really good, I barely noticed them a couple of years ago! Great post 🙂

  2. Shahidah

    Oh that black jumpsuit is freakin divine!!!
    I simply LOVE H&M. Every time I have on something from their store I get stopped and told how much they love the piece!very rare I walk out empty handed and the clearance is awesome

  3. Some really fun styles with nice details! Very feminine! They also look comfortable! The white dress could be a wedding dress for someone that wants a very informal wedding, yet still wants to feel like a bride! The men’s looks are formal yet relaxed too!

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