Iimuahii – Structure And Texture

Iimuahii - Structure And Texture Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-1 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-2 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-3 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-4 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-5 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-6 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-8 Iimuahii - Structure And Texture-9Creative Director/Designer: Elena Slivnyak

Photgrapher: Juan Zambrano

CGI: Stephen Wheeler

Hair: Jaymz Marez

Makeup: Esteban Martinez

Model: Megan O’Neal


  1. deejsounds

    i cannot describe how amazed i am by these photographs. Out of the world! Everything works so well..im still so shocked by the fantastic creativity!

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  3. I thought the first photo in the post was a 3D render. Amazing. Had me fooled until I saw the other photographs. The fashion and style is equally impressive.

  4. katmcdaniel

    Reblogged this on synkroniciti and commented:
    Check out these fascinating avant garde outfits from Elena Slivnyak reblogged from my favorite fashion blog, The Citizens of Fashion. You might remember the outspoken Slivnyak from Project Runway. She has been quoted as saying that her experience there taught her to make her clothing “more sellable”. Synkroniciti is glad to find that she hasn’t taken that advice too far. The textures here are out of this world and these models look like computer generated science fiction characters. Somebody has to keep dreaming, folks!

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