The Gift : Celebrating You

Dear You,

Soon The CITIZENS Of FASHION will be 6 months… 6 months since it saw the light of your eyes! And You helped me grow it and You made me happy. For your support I wanna thank you. And what better way to do this than with a gift ?! All I can tell You for the moment is that it will be designers goodies that can be enjoyed by both women and men.

Tomorrow I’ll tell You all about The Gift!

Thank You again dear citizens of fashion !

the Citizens of Fashion : ELENA MARIN

the Citizens of Fashion : ELENA MARIN

PS : please note that this is not a sponsored gift, it is just my way to thank you for your support.


    • Dear Lara,
      thank you so much! your comments always make me smile! yes,presents who doesn’t love them??!!
      tomorrow i’ll tell you about it! all the best!

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