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 ” Summer is here! Magazines and websites delight your eyes with the latest trends for swimwear…. But wait, do you start to feel anxious ? What do you think about media and body image? What do you look for when buying a bathing suit? Is the bikini an issue for you? “

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  1. Ciao! Sono molto contento che tu abbia apprezzato ciò che scrivo nel mio blog! Sono sempre stato onesto, devo quindi dire che non mi sono mai interessato al mondo di ciò che si potrebbe definire “fashion” e tutto ciò che ne consegue. Spero comunque che continuerai a trovare interessante ciò che scrivo, anche io visiterò di tanto in tanto queste pagine per curiosare! 😀
    Un saluto!

    Stefano Sicurani

  2. Of course, it’s always stressful now. But my expectations are MY expectations. I try to be realistic. Besides, bikinis are harder for anyone a little too skinny than they are for those who are not. You need curves for most bathing suits to work. I look for a great plunge, coverage behind (its a must) and great fabric. It needs to be heavy enough to shape and lift. I hate cling! Tankinis are easy. Sigh…

  3. newenglandfoundme

    I love retro styled bikinis; I think they’re more flattering and it’s great that they’ve become popular and thus available. My body isn’t suited for anything too skimpy, and I love that there are more options out there for all body types compared to the past. I love bright colors and patterns, but I definitely prefer fabrics that won’t show-thru after a dip!

  4. Everyone’s body and taste is different. Personally, when I’m swimsuit shopping I look for a two piece in a fun, bright print. I don’t like anything too skimpy and especially like to have good coverage from my swimsuit bottom. I’m slim so I like something that won’t make my chest look flat. I don’t especially try to tone up for swimsuit season, althought the pressure is there in the media to do so. If I’m wearing a swimsuit then I plan to swim in it.

  5. Ashley Morrissey

    Being a woman who just had her first baby 7 months ago..I am a little worried about bikini season this year. I went from 112 lbs to 145 lbs in a matter of 9 months. Now, I can proudly say I am back down and at a healthy 109 lbs and I am very proud of it! Thank the lord for breastfeeding and my son keeping me busy! It was a little tough at times, honestly. 🙂

  6. alice

    When I’m swimsuit shopping, I usually load up on the ruffles and such (flat chest *sigh*). Or a bandeau. But I think there’s a style for almost every body shape and half of it is about confidence. Especially since I don’t really swim and going to the beach is more of a social thing 🙂 But I do think the media tends to hype up having the perfect swimsuit body (esp. on all those tabloid covers)

  7. Bara

    When picking out a bathing suit I’m allways looking for something pretty (bright colors, fun prints!) that is also comfortable (I really don’t like triangle bikini with just spaghetti straps or strapless bras…).

    (I also follow you on Pinterest, facebook and via email)

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