Renea LaRiviere

Renea LaRiviere

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  1. renea lariviere [change]
    150 E Broadway
    Apt 5B
    New York, NY 10002
    United States
    This person ordered a coat from me on Ebay. It was priced at just $275.00 UD Dollars and well worth over $1000.00. She wrote before buying it that the $275.00 was to much for the coat. So, with a kind heart and knowing I would not wear it again I reduced it to $200.00 at which time she purchased the coat. THINK SHE PAID, NO. She has not contacted me again nor has she paid for the coat. Now, if she of all people was interested in the coat, don’t you think it must be a pretty nice coat? What a cheap, dishonest person she is, glad she’s not a friend of mine. See the coat on EBay at, brow_prisc.

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