Isabel Marant for H & M : Save The Date14th Of November 2013 !

Today it was announced the name of the next designer who will make a capsule collection for H & M – French designer Isabelle Marant.The  Isabel Marant collection for H & M, which will consist of interpretations of the iconic pieces form the french brand mixing bohemian and rock n ‘roll spirit, and it will be on November 14 in more than 250 H&M stores worldwide.

It will be also the first time when the french designer ,Isabel Marant ,will present a collection for men.

“I am flattered by this collaboration: H & M works with the best designers and the invitation it is a great honor for me. My goal is to create something real, something that women will want to wear in everyday life, with a certain degree of negligence, which, I think, is typical Parisian: to dress smartly, but do not pay too much attention to it, while still look sexy. The collection will radiate lightness. All clothing can be combined with each other, guided by your own intuition: in fashion for me the most important thing – it’s individuality, “- says Isabel.“Paris inspires me,” Marant said of the collaboration in a video clip posted on H&M’s YouTube page. “I’m a very representative French girl. I think my clothes speak better about me than anything.”

Isabel Marant and Margareta van den Bosch

Isabel Marant and Margareta van den Bosch

“We are very pleased to have Isabel Marant as guest designer. Her manner to combine different elements of their collections, creating a laid-back, urban style, helps it to be very modern. She feels the ethnic motifs and has the rare ability to create clothes that people really want to wear. We are confident that  H&M’s buyers enthusiastically welcomed this collection, “- says Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor H & M.



  1. L’ha ribloggato su L'Art Couturee ha commentato:
    é la collezione che doveva esser creata, lo stile giusto dettato da un dei nuovi nomi francesi più di gusto e all’avanguardia.
    Marant avendo dentro di se lo sfarzo francese ricrea uno stile che io trovo perfetto per una metropoli monocolor come Milano.
    Inutile dire che amo le sue wedge 🙂 sarà l’uncia collezione che attenderò con ansia e magari sarò disposta ad attendere anche in fila.

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