Matthew Williamson X Benefit : The Rich is Back

Matthew Williamson X Benefit : The Rich is Back

Matthew Williamson X Benefit : The Rich is Back

To celebrate 15 years of his iconic psychedelic-prints the British designer Matthew Williamson teamed with the cosmetics brand Benefit on a  limited-edition palette called  The Rich is Back.

Matthew Williamson X Benefit : The Rich is BackMatthew Williamson X Benefit : The Rich is Back

Matthew Williamson X Benefit : The Rich is Back

 The set contains:
– They’re Real Mascara
– Lip Gloss in Inferno
– Gimme Fever Cheek Powder
– Eyeshadow Palette in Solid Gold, Get Down Brown, Disco Dust, Feel So Teal

Here’s an interview by Holly Siegel for The Sephora Glossy :

” What were you like when you were 15?
I would like to think I was exactly the same. As a young boy, I was constantly sketching. I even started making clothes from the age of 11 for my girlfriends, which made me very popular!

What’s your all-time favorite beauty look?
I have always loved the ’70s. It’s the era I grew up in and I’ve always been drawn to the languid glamour of women—immaculate but still naturally beautiful.

How do you choose the beauty looks for the runway?
For the shows, we really try to make the girls look beautiful, pairing the makeup and hair to echo the spirit and feel of the collection.

What was it like to collaborate with Benefit, and to work on makeup?
Benefit has been working on the makeup for my shows for some years and both brands share a certain sense of free-spirited fun and energy, so it was the perfect partnership for my first beauty creation.

What inspired The Rich is Back?
I sent the Benefit team my inspiration in terms of photos, prints, and color palette, and they brought it to life. One of the first images I sent for the mood board was a famous picture of a woman reclining in a jade green dress; some of the tones were the key inspiration for the palette.

How do you keep your creativity going season after season?
As a designer I never really switch off. I am constantly in search of new inspirations, be it art, music, films, or books. London is such a global city; I am lucky to find such a wealth of inspiration right on my doorstep. “




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