Zaha Hadid Shoe for United Nude

The architectural Zaha Hadid’s shoe for United Nude,combine metallic chromed vinyl rubber lined with kid nappa leather and a fiberglass platform and heel being a perfect expression of her architectural style.“I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with materials and proportions. Our collaboration with United Nude reinterprets the classic shoe typology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible without compromising integrity.” said Zaha Hadid.

According to  ” The shoes will be made to order in colors including silver, black, bronze and gold in European sizes 35 to 40. They and are priced at $2,000 a pair and will be on show in a handful of stores including L’Eclaireur in Paris as well as on the Zaha Hadid Design and United Nude Web stores starting July 3. “

It is not the first time that the famous architect collaborates with the fashion world. Previous projects include a prototype “Icone” bucket bag for Louis Vuitton in 2006,jewelry for Swarovski , footwear in limited editions for Brazilian labels Melissa in 2008 and Lacoste in 2009.

Zaha Hadid Shoe for United Nude

Zaha Hadid Shoe for United Nude

Zaha Hadid Shoe for United Nude

Zaha Hadid Shoe for United Nude


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