Love in Taormina Dolce&Gabbana Nail Polish Collection

Love in Taormina Dolce&Gabbana Make up Collection

Love in Taormina Dolce&Gabbana nail polish Collection

A new collection of nail polishes form Dolce & Gabbana is another reason to tell a story about solar and hot Sicily. That’s not surprising: the love of the Italian designers for the island it is exposed in every show and every new collection.

Blooming in the ancient town of Taormina, Sicily’s native flowers inspire the bright hues in new makeup collection Love in Taormina. Ultra-vivid pigments are combined with glossy and matte textures to create a palette that radiates Sicilian summer beauty.

In cheerful, beautiful and vibrant shades of the new polishes it is impossible not to fall in love this autumn. Fresh manicure with one of the shades of the new collection Love in TaorminaΒ that makes you dream about summer. Enjoy!



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