The Initiative of Balance Diversity

Black Models from Fashion Shows spring/summer 2014

Black Models from Fashion Shows spring/summer 2014

Iman , Naomi Campbell and veteran modeling agent Bethann Hardison joined for a manifesto called Balance Diversity to bring more black models to the runway, and they called out designers who cast only white models.

Right at the beginning of New York Fashion Week a letter was sent to the main fashion houses in NY, London, Milan and Paris , stating its position on the fashion houses that does not embrace diversity , appointing brands for each city .

Being able to maintain racial diversity in the fashion industry is a roller coaster in continuous ascent and descent.

A group of people working in the fashion world of different races has often felt frustrated because of the lack or scarcity of black models in the ranks of renowned fashion houses, season after season.It’s time to stop with this behavior and to accept diversity , searching and selecting competent black models .From the first meeting with the presence of the press in 2007, they were held three more during 2008.

In July 2008 Italian Vogue has championed the cause of black models with the first ” Black Issue ” of history. Since 2009 have not been held public meetings on the issue of diversity.

The approach of The Coalition, also known as the Diversity Coalition, to send letters was a surprise to everyone , but it was well regarded by the community in general, by the fashion industry and the media. The approach has been successful , thanks to the positive response of the public and to the support of the press . It’s time for a permanent change .

The percentage of black models rose to 8 , 1%, higher than the previous season .There will always be some stylist , casting director or designer who stubbornly refuse to accede to the request . Hopefully not for long .

In London, things have improved . To applaud Tom Ford and his effort in finding new black faces , without engaging in the usual familiar faces . A prove that there are a lot of of black models out there.

Even Marc Jacobs has hired black models , other proof that girls exist. And they were not the same as at Tom Ford.

Milan has given us a couple of nice surprises even though they were not expecting. Prada used 5 black modelsand 1 latin model, 5 black models at Pucci , one at Jil Sander. It was clearly an effort. Other brands have engaged too.The climax was reached by Philipp Plein ( maybe a smart marketing strategy) who has decided to accept fully the initiative , proposing a parade of 25 black models. Often they propose parades all black , then back to an all white next season .

The myth that black girls are better for the spring/summer season should be braked and allowing them to work the same way during the winter season .

What is the Coalition fighting for? This is just the beginning of a planned campaign to educate those who do not feel remorse in proposing a parade of exclusively white models or with a percentage much much much higher than the black models .

In the modern society, that we like to think we are, this has a negative impact on everyone, whether consciously or not . Because modernity start with a fresh and clean mentality and racialism issues just don’t fitt a modern society.

The main idea of The CITIZENS Of FASHION is celebrating diversity and variety so I just support the cause of the Coalition and I encourage you to do same cause every voice counts.

You can visit the website to read  “letters.”

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  1. dominicgomez

    Until the percentage of buyers-of-color of high fashion, expensive garments increases dramatically, design houses may still feel the need to remain visually/viscerally appealing to the ethnic/cultural majority of their customers.

  2. Reblogged this on Fashion Decided and commented:
    I completely agree that the industry is a little dysfunctional when it comes to issues on race and the reasons for white washing the runway from season to season border on the absurd. From where I was looking it would appear that Bethann Hardison’s call for diversity did have some affect on the catwalks. KUDOS!


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