Deborah Lippmann Holliday 2013 Collections

Deborah Lippmann strives to meet the fashion trends , sometimes even ahead of them, much before the winter holidays, Deborah delighted her customers with three new bright collections .

 «Space Oddity» Collection 

Deborah Lippmann «Space Oddity» Collection 2013

Deborah Lippmann «Space Oddity» Collection 2013

A galaxy-inspired trio of divinely gorgeous creme and glitter shades will spark your fantasies : Baby I’m a Star: a galactic rose gold , Planet Rock : a smoky lavender,When Lightning Strikes: a celestial silver. Wear them alone or layer When Lightning Strikes or Baby I’m a Star over Planet Rock for a sophisticated twist.

«Starlight» Collection

Deborah Lippmann «Starlight» Collection 2013

Deborah Lippmann «Starlight» Collection 2013

In order to create a festive collection «Starlight» Deborah drew inspiration from the romance of space. The collection includes six new bright glitter with the telling name : Twilight Tone, Blinded By The Light, Cosmic Love, Fantastic Voyage, Champagne Supernova and Lost In Space. Varnishes can be mixed with any shade from Deborah Lippmann.

«Big Bang» Collection 

Deborah Lippmann «Big Bang» Collection 2013

Deborah Lippmann «Big Bang» Collection 2013

Another set of festive Deborah Lippmann «Big Bang» – it’s a dozen shades of Shimmer shining and sparkling glitter for every mood and memorable event. Deborah Lippmann lacquers do not contain formaldehyde , toluene and other harmful substances. So now you can safely experiment with a festive manicure and not worry about the health of your nails !


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