Beauty in Curves : jeans designed specifically to dress curves

Beauty in Curves jeans

Beauty in Curves jeans

Alice Dogruyol is the brain behind Beauty in Curves .Alice began with a column in the Daily Mail , Big Girl In A Skinny World . ” I was asked to focus on jeans , so I started to look for jeans that would perfectly dress my body , but I have not found. At that moment I had the idea to create a dedicated line , which was designed to dress the curves regardless of size , but paying particular attention to the needs of the girls more abundant . ”

From concept to completion has been nearly three years since it takes a lot of time (and capital ) to set up a business.

“The BC jeans are designed for curves , in the sense that I spent a lot of time to design the perfect model that would fit the curves of a woman . My jeans are thicker in fact , are stretch but not enough to lose the figure , have within a band containment for the belly , but it does not tighten , and do not cut the side. In short jeans are not seasonal, buy jeans that will last you many, many years ”

Beauty in Curves jeans

Beauty in Curves jeans



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