Rizzoli presents “Perry Ellis: An American Original”

Perry Ellis- An American Original

Perry Ellis: An American Original
Written by Jeffrey Banks, Erica Lennard and Doria de La Chapelle, Foreword by Marc Jacobs
PERRY ELLIS: An American Original is the first complete monograph to celebrate his exceptional career.
Pub Date: October 22, 2013

New York’s Parsons School of Design and the CFDA ( Council of Fashion Designers of America ) presented a new book about Perry Ellis : “Perry Ellis: An American Original” published by Rizzoli. The legendary designer died at the age of forty-six years old, in 1986.

Those present on the occasion of the presentation recalled the designer,his work and working with him. The general opinion was expressed by Diane Von Furstenberg , president of the CFDA: ” He was very modern. Slightly mysterious . And he was cool. ” And Simon Collins , Dean of the School of Parsons, admitted that Ellis helped define American style and to prove that the American designer can play an important role in the fashion world .

Coty Award-winning designer Jeffrey Banks co-authored the book with Doria de La Chapelle and famed photographer Erica Lennard; the book also contains a forward written by none other than Marc Jacobs. Banks said :“I think the greatest stamp that Perry made was that he was a real American designer. He didn’t look to Europe for inspiration, he didn’t look to Europe for direction. He designed from his own heart, his own background, being a southern gentleman from Virginia. All of that comes through in his work, you know, it was always original. He didn’t care what anyone else was doing, he did what he felt was right.”

The culmination of the presentation was the largest exhibition since Ellis showed his last collection, the autumn/winter collection in 1986. Collected by former clients and colleagues of the designer, in particular his assistants Patricia Pastor and Jed Krascella . Managed to find 69 dresses created from 1978 to 1986.

On the same evening the daughter of Perry Ellis,Alexander Tyler presented her design work. Tyler walked in the footsteps of a famous father and manufactures bags under the brand Tyler Alexandra. The company’s logo is written in italics , recreated by the handwriting Ellis.

PERRY ELLIS: An American Original

PERRY ELLIS: An American Original

Perry Ellis- An American Original

Perry Ellis with models and dean of Princeton University , Fall 1978

Perry Ellis Spring 1980

Perry Ellis Spring 1980

Perry Ellis, Fall 1984

Perry Ellis, Fall 1984


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    Rizzoli presents Perry Ellis: An American Original
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