Natalia Vodianova is expecting her fourth baby

Natalia for a Mark Jacobs campain, she was pregnant with Lucas.

Natalia for a Mark Jacobs campain, she was pregnant with Lucas,her first son.

The reason that Natalia Vodianova recently abolished many working arrangements has found an explanation , and a very happy one : the beautiful model is expecting her fourth baby !

The announcement was made by the father of the baby Here I wrote about this today in his Facebook happy future father Antoine Arnauld :”Hi everyone, big news today! 
Giving a little brother or sister to Natalia’s 3 wonderful children is something we wanted so much: AND NOW IT’S HAPPENING! :))) 
We’re going to have our first baby next year!!! #4 for her but #1 for me… I’m a little stressed! She was tired the first 3 months but is fine now… “
The eldest son of the head of LVMH also added : “I hope he or she gets Mommy’s looks (and beautiful heart!!!) and Daddy’s sense of humor!!! Pleaaaaase not the other way around!!! “

The supermom shared the post on her Facebook page adding :”Please read cute post by future daddy and share our big news.This will explain to many of my friends and colleagues why I have been cancelling on them so often recently. I am so grateful for everyone at Naked Heart and at home for patience and understanding in those tough few first months especially those who knew nothing about my present state.”

“One guy (it had to be a guy) who drives me sometimes said back in September to my assistant that I am having a nervous break down because I am eating all the time in the car! We are due in May and all the family is very excited to welcome in a new little member.”

Natalia and 36-year-old Antoine, started dating in 2011. The Russian model has already three children from her marriage with Justin Portman; Lucas, 11, Neva,7 and Viktor, 6. Congrats to the happy couple! 


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