Inés, The New Creation Of Loewe

Small and available in five colors, chic and practical this is the new Loewe handbag called Inés. With its removable strap, it is designed to have a dual function: shoulder bag and clutch .A creation made thinking at today’s eclectic woman that combines perfectly elegance and practicality.

Inés is made of smooth calf leather, including a contrast of color thanks to the different tone of its edging. The possibility of using this new bag from Loewe as well as shoulder bag it is a big plus for Inés.

Loewe's Black 'Inés' Bag.

Loewe’s Black ‘Inés’ Bag.

Loewe's Brown 'Inés' Bag.

Loewe’s Brown ‘Inés’ Bag.

Loewe's Lipstick 'Inés' Bag

Loewe’s Lipstick ‘Inés’ Bag

Loewe's Purple 'Inés' Bag.

Loewe’s Purple ‘Inés’ Bag.

Loewe's Stone 'Inés' Bag

Loewe’s Stone ‘Inés’ Bag


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