Mango’s curvy line : Violeta

Violeta by Mango

Violeta by Mango

Mango expands its line with the launch of Violeta by Mango, a so called plus size line . The Spanish textile brand intends to offer fashionable clothing  to young woman from a size 40 to 52 ( U.S. sizes 8 through 20 )with a direct and simple message ” It fits well and I like it.”

The key to this new project is in the technical details of sizing and pattern size , to be able to offer a quality collection for every moment of the day .

Thus, the objective of Violeta by Mango is a young audience with sizes between 40 and 52 they gather a team of 40 fashion experts working together to offer a variety of products, with the intention of having a complete collection of clothing and accessories .

The presentation of the project will coincide with the launch of the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign in January. The collection will initially be composed of more than 400 models and every month they will add new items.

Initially Violeta by Mango  will be available on Mango’s major markets : France, Germany, Italy , Netherlands, Turkey, Russia and Spain. Moreover, the collection will be available in online stores in Europe , Turkey and Russia. During the first six months of the year they will open 50 location in Mango’s stores or stand alone stores , adding 50 more in the second half .

The clothes from the new collection Violeta by Mango  will be presented on 15 January and will go on sale in all selected stores next January 17.


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