DOVE REAL BEAUTY SKETCHES , the Ad Campaign of the Year

At the Beauty Inc 2013 Awards Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches won the title of the Ad Campaign of the Year.



Dove’s campaign revealed that many women are actually their worst critic. Gil Zamora, a trained FBI forensic artist drew sketches of seven women based on their descriptions and other based on strangers descriptions who spent just a short period of time with them.The video it’s very moving seeing the reactions of the seven women when they see their sketches through the eyes of their mind and the sketches made after the descriptions of strangers which are far more  flattering.

A month after its launch in April 2013 the video was a total success with more than 170 million views in 110 different countries and more than four million shares.

“Some people say, ‘What does this have to do with selling soap?’” Gina Boswell, executive vice president of personal care, North America, for Unilever, said earlier this year. “But we have actionable insight. In this case, it was that only 4 percent of adult women think they are beautiful, which is deplorable. We also learned that this is a universal truth.” She continued, “A universal truth is the best basis for any kind of brand campaign, and we were able to unlock that.”



  1. Thanks, Elena. With all my writing on this topic for years, AND about the Dove campaigns, I never saw this video. Love the work you’re doing at The CoF. Best, Anne

  2. I suppose I am the only one who found this ad campaign detestable. We know from history and personal experience that most people do not see themselves as beautiful. Let’s not pretend there is anything particularly scientific about this campaign. Insecurity is the default state of mankind so Unilever takes this insecurity and points out the obvious to sell soap. Are we all physically beautiful? No, if we are honest but we can all do beautiful things. We can love. It doesn’t take a company whose raison d’être is profit to teach us that.

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