Welcome with your heart full of joy Christmas

Dior Christmas Tree 2013

Dior’s Christmas Tree 2013

Welcome with your heart full of joy, Christmas, the celebration of love, in which God became man and lived in the heart of each of us. This memorable occasion, can bring a real and sincere joy in all of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody! I hope that these holidays  have found in a good place surrounded by the loved ones. With peace in your houses and love in your hearts!

It is a time of the year that make us better, something that should stay in our hearts and minds through the year. The beauty of giving is one of the best gift someone has! Let’s practice giving without the expectation of receiving to create a better world , better us and to give hope to the ones that need it more than we do ! But remember to master this gift you should start with yourself by learning to really love yourself, to forgive yourself ,to understand that perfection is something invented by society and stop chasing it . Imagine that happy and loved person that you wanna be , keep it in your heart and if you really wanna be that person you will be just go for it! Listen to your heart!

Merry Christmas everybody and love in your hearts!



  1. gretelnora

    Reblogged this on gretelnora and commented:
    WOW…… this is beautiful…….sad to say X-mas 2013 was awful for me. BUT 2014 is a new year !!!!! Peace and Love oxoxoxoxoxo

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