A new year, a new The CITIZENS Of FASHION

It is a new year and it always feels like a new beginning. We had a great 2013 and we are looking for a fabulous 2014 for this we decide that we need to redecorate and expand our virtual home with a very stylish design and features to make it more easy to navigate and entertaining. To make this change we couldn’t d do it alone but we had the help of a great team to whom we are very thankful. Stay with us in 2014 for the latest news in fashion and beauty industry, for beauty tips, cultural infos and lifestyle news. We thank you for being with us in 2013 because we couldn’t do it without you and we’ll try our best in 2014 for you.


    • I’m very happy that you haven’t forgotten us!!! We are growing and we want to bring The CoF to the next level. We’ll no longer work on wordpress.com but thecitizensoffashion.com is staying the same. Thank you so much for your support dear Resse!

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