Kate Moss at 40 in 40 Covers

Kate MossBritish supermodel Kate Moss turns 40 years old today. She continues to amaze us with her ​​youthful charm and air, a clear sign that the passage of time didn’t put its mark on her.

Kate Moss’s beauty and naturalness was noticed at the airport in New York, by the director of a modeling agency, when she was only 14. After posing for an ad for Calvin Klein, Moss has sparked interest in the fashion industry, becoming famous for her androgyny appearance.

Kate Moss has appeared on the covers of over 300 fashion magazines around the world . According to Forbes magazine, she is among the highest paid supermodels in the world.

In the past , alcohol and drugs, created some career problems for the controversial model. But Kate has managed to reinvent herself each time and due to strong relationships established over the years in the fashion industry , Kate Moss is even now one of the most requested models in the industry. At the end of last year British Vogue announced a new addition to their team : Kate Moss as a contributor fashion editor .

Kate Moss as Vogue UK, Dec. 2001

Vogue UK, Dec. 2001

Kate Moss Cover for Vogue Paris April 2008

 Vogue Paris April 2008

Kate Moss for Allure October 1999

 Allure October 1999

Kate Moss for Cosmopolitan May 1993

Cosmopolitan May 1993

Kate Moss for ELLE France November 1992

ELLE France November 1992

Kate Moss for Elle South Africa, Aug. 2010

 Elle South Africa, Aug. 2010

Kate Moss for Esquire December 1993

 Esquire December 1993

Kate Moss for Esquire September 2013

 Esquire September 2013

Kate Moss for George Magazine, Sep. 1997

 George Magazine, Sep. 1997

Kate Moss for Glamour May 1992

 Glamour May 1992

Kate Moss for Harper's & Queen, Oct. 1992

 Harper’s & Queen, Oct. 1992

Kate Moss for Harper's Bazaar, April 2002

 Harper’s Bazaar, April 2002

Kate Moss for i-D, April 2003

 i-D, April 2003

Kate Moss for Interview September 2008

 Interview September 2008

Kate Moss for Love Spring 2013

 Love Spring 2013

Kate Moss for Mademoiselle February 1995

 Mademoiselle February 1995

Kate Moss for Numéro December2004:January 2005

Numéro December2004:January 2005

Kate Moss for Numero Tokyo, April 2007

 Numero Tokyo, April 2007

Kate Moss for Playboy January:February 2014

 Playboy January/February 2014

Kate Moss for Soul, July 2006

 Soul, July 2006

Kate Moss for Tar, 2009

 Tar, 2009

Kate Moss for The Face, July 1990

The Face, July 1990

Kate Moss for V Winter 2003/2004

 V Winter 2003/2004

Kate Moss for Vanity Fair, Dec. 2006

 Vanity Fair, Dec. 2006

Kate Moss for Vogue Brasil, May 2011

Vogue Brasil, May 2011

Kate Moss for Vogue China December 2008

Vogue China December 2008

Kate Moss for Vogue Italia March 1996

 Vogue Italia March 1996

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris December 2011

Vogue Paris December 2011

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris March 1994

Vogue Paris March 1994

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris March 2004

Vogue Paris March 2004

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris, Dec. 2005

Vogue Paris, Dec. 2005

Kate Moss for Vogue Paris, May 2011

 Vogue Paris, May 2011

Kate Moss for Vogue Spain May 2008

 Vogue Spain May 2008

Kate Moss for Vogue UK February 2000

Vogue UK February 2000

Kate Moss for Vogue UK January 1995

Vogue UK January 1995

Kate Moss for Vogue UK, May 2003

 Vogue UK, May 2003

Kate Moss for Vogue US, Sep. 2011

 Vogue US, Sep. 2011

Kate Moss for W March 2012

 W March 2012

Kate Moss for W March 2013

 W March 2013

Kate Moss for W Korea July 2012

W Korea July 2012

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