Playboy vs Harper’s Bazaar

Playboy Publishing House sued the online version of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar for infringement of Kate Moss nude photos.

Kate Moss for Playboy January/February 2014

The photos of  Moss , who recently celebrated her birthday, was the cause of the trial.

Playboy‘s lawyers in a statement filed in federal court in New York , accused Harper’s Bazaar of violation of the copyrights . According to them Harper’s has provided access to their readers to nude photos of Kate’s from the January 2014 issue of Playboy. On their website the magazine posted photos of the supermodel dressed, but in the text was given a link to another site where it was published Kate’s nude shooting .

For each picture Playboy expects to receive 150 thousand dollars from the publisher Harper’s Bazaar – Hearst Communications. At the moment Harper’s didn’t released any comments.

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