Harrys of London introduced the most expensive sock in the world

Harrys of London has launched The Most Exclusive Sock In The WorldHarrys of London Cervelt Sock

The limited edition of 100 pair of Charcoal Grey are handmade in Italy with the highest attention, of the dyeing and weaving process of the Cervelt fiber. This product is the result of extensive design and research. 

According to the brand description the Cervelt fiber is known as the “ ‘Diamond of Clothing Fibres’ is the down fibre of the New Zealand Red Deer.Its unique qualities and rarity make it the most sought after and highest quality natural fibre in the world.”

The exclusive socks are lighter and softer than cashmere, are resilient to creasing. pill-resistant allowing your feet to to breathe because moisture is moved away to the outer layer of the fabric. But don’t get fooled by its softness because this sock maintains body warmth through the action of millions of air chambers that form inside the natural creases of the fibre making it ideal for cold weather too.

These precious socks sell for €1,070 /$1,500 .Harrys of London Cervelt Sock Harrys of London Cervelt Sock

images via Harrys-Of-London


One comment

  1. TheGreatZambini

    I have a strange fascination with high class socks, but I think I draw the line at $150 for a pair of nice cashmere socks. At this price point I would want a scarf or something that I could more prominently flaunt! thegreatzambini.wordpress.com

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