Hermès Faubourg Watch to launch in May

Hermès Faubourg WatchIn May,in Hermès boutiques will be a new model of evening watch for ladies,called Faubourg it is said to be the smallest size in the history of the brand .  A tiny dial with diamond encrusted frame looks very sleek and elegant. A classic watch with a shade of retro, reminiscent of the 40s of the last century , when women’s wrist watches decorated or not were tiny and very simple, even if they were manufactured in gold and precious stones .

It is also the case of Hermès Faubourg Watch with its diamond frame will be available in white, yellow and rose gold . You’ll also have the opportunity to buy the classic model with a flat strap with a satin finish touch. The new watch is priced between 4,900 euros and 12,500 euros, or $6,640 and $16,930 at current exchange.Hermès Faubourg Watch Hermès Faubourg Watch Hermès Faubourg Watch

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