News designs for Google Glass

Today Google Glass, finally become absolutely functional as the company puts on sale the first collection of frames available only to members of their Explorer program. The company is predicting a full consumer launch at the end of 2014.

Google Glass

Today on the official website of Google will be put up for sale new rims Goggle Glass. The collection for the first time in its original version was presented at the during New York Fashion Week at Diane von Furstenberg fashion show in September 2012, since then the whole fashion world waited with bated breath the launch of this amazing technology piece on the market. The waiting didn’t come to an end yet as the glasses are available only to developers, their friends and members of the Explorer program.But Google promise that will have to wait just a bit more as they will be available for the rest of us at the end of 2014.

According to Steve Lee. Glass’ product director,the styles are based on existing popular trends in the eye care industry.

The collection includes glasses with titanium frame,Bold, Curve, Thin, and Split ,two new tinted shade styles — Classic and Edge and as well a model with frameless lenses , in which the lens will be round or square. There are also available prescription frames for $ 225. For $ 150 a user may purchase glasses without diopters in black , white, gray , green or bright orange rim.(All the prices are in addition to the current $1,500 cost of the Glass technology.)

“People want lots of preferences for how their eyewear looks, from loud to subtle,” said Steve Lee. “This is where we are headed. You can start to see how the core design of Glass can accommodate lots of different styles.”



Google Glass
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