Bally Rain Heels

Bally Rain Heels, your new ally for rainy days.

Bally Rain Heels

If you are one of those person that carries her beautiful pumps in her bag during those rainy days or you just don’t wanna see them destroyed by the bad weather now you can relax. The good news is that the Swiss brand Bally comes to your help with their new Rain Heels made from Fibercuir, a rubberized leather with waterproof effect perfect for wet and muddy times.Another plus for the bright range of colors they’ve chosen : red, blue and yellow. If you look for a quiet version don’t worry they are available in black too.

This pumps are a unique fusion of functionality and elegant design that seems to switch the dark style of the rainy days with a bright one.

Bally Rain Heels will be available in Bally’s boutiques and in selected stores at the end of February 2014.


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