A Fabergé Easter at Harrods

 The iconic artist jeweller Fabergé and Harrods, one of the world’s most famous department store come together for a creative collaboration this Easter : A Fabergé Easter at Harrods

Fabergé Giant Magnolia Ring

Fabergé Giant Magnolia Ring

The collaboration will celebrate the art of gifting, which is at the heart of both prestigious names. The window displays will showcase the fascinating world of Fabergé from its famed Imperial Easter Eggs and glittering Royal clientele, to today’s contemporary jewellery creations. From its inception, the pioneering jewellery house created pieces that delighted some of the world’s most refined clientele, such as the Russian Imperial Court. Fabergé soon became the jeweller du jour for the international nobility and aristocracy of the time, and the gift of choice for special family occasions and official royal visits. The windows will trace the story of these memorable gifts and their illustrious recipients. Harrods is celebrated as the ultimate destination for gift buyers, and so the art of gifting continues today with the “Fabergé Easter” collaboration.

Fabergé and Harrods continue to make history this Easter by exhibiting a rare masterpiece, an original Fabergé Egg – The Apple Blossom Egg, together with other historic Fabergé treasures. This Egg was designed in 1901 and is beautifully crafted in gold, diamonds and nephrite. This is the very first time these rare masterpieces will be exhibited in the UK and in a non–museum environment.

To celebrate the extravaganza, Fabergé has created a limited-edition Spiral Tassel Pendant, available exclusively at Harrods from 1st April 2014. The modern, playful, diamond-set egg comes with a stunning gemstone tassel, finished with amethyst, tsavorite, or spinel.

Fabergé's Kalinka Ruby Ring designed by Zaavy

Fabergé’s Kalinka Ruby Ring designed by Zaavy




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