ShapeAllure by La Perla

ShapeAllure by La Perla , sensual body shaping lingerie

ShapeAllure by La Perla

If what you are looking for when buying lingerie is the shaping effect but you don’t want to give up the elegance and sensuality of silk and lace , the solution comes from the iconic Italian lingerie brand La Perla who just launched their ShapeAllure line.

The new project it is created in partnership with the international lycra leader, INVISTA , thanks to the great properties of the new fabric LYCRA ® BEAUTY ,which improves the performance and comfort of shapewear. Today they applied this performance to lace .

The soft elasticized fabric of the bras, panties, bustiers and bodies are now adorned with floral designs made from special lycra lace.

The items from ShapeAllure line, which are also addressed to the brides, are available in three classic shades: black, natural and white .

ShapeAllure by La Perla ShapeAllure by La Perla ShapeAllure by La Perla ShapeAllure by La Perla

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