Eva Herzigova as Heidi Klum for Project Runway Italy

After 10 successful years in the US, Project Runway Italy is ready to entertain its Italian audience

Project Runway Italy

The successful TV show Project Runway, launched ten years ago in the U.S. and already broadcast in 45 countries around the world , finally arrive in Italy . Instead of German supermodel Heidi Klum the Italians will have Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova who will also be a judge along with with Alberta Ferretti and Tomaso Trussardi to discover the designer of the future or the new fashion giant ( as they say).

“All my life I’ve been judged – revealed Herzigova at the press conference – so now judging is complicated and delicate because you do not criticize privately but before the cameras, and at that time the contestants are sensitive and you do not want to hurt them. Let us say that I’ll try to be demanding but in a constructive  way.”

Twelve contestants in all from a total of three thousand selected in six months, are the ones that the Italian audience will see from 26 of February

In the role of Tim Gunn there will be, Ildo Damiano that has the task of helping the contestants to prepare the perfect outfit for the competition.

The winner of the first edition will become part of the Trussardi Group (a contract for one year in the creative office  ) . It is already known that Tomaso Trussardi will be the judge meaner even though he’s the youngest from the judges.Instaed Alberta Ferretti the only one to have participated as a guest in an episode of Project Runway U.S, insists : “I want people to know the true meaning of fashion for the big commitment that requires .The fashion world has taken over the past two years vivacity and a program like this can prove it. Can make real fashion. ”

The TV show will have many guest stars. One of the most colorful it is Anna Dello Russo.

Project Runway Italy

Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova will take Heidi Klum’s place in the Italian version of Project Runaway

Project Runway Italy

ALBERTA FERRETTI. The debut in 1981, then the huge international success. Dressing the international celebrities Scarlett Johansson, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and Emma Thompson

Project Runway Italy

TOMASO TRUSSARDI. CEO Fashion Business of Trussardi Group. For ten years the male face of Trussardi Group.

Project Runway Italy

Ildo Damiano. Fashion editor, trend setter, fashion consultant and teacher at Fashion Courses Master at Domus Academy in Milan.


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