The new feminine fragrance Cartier La Panthère

In March 2014 the iconic jewelry house Cartier will expand its fragrances line with the new Cartier La Panthère scent

Cartier La Panthère

With the release of La Panthère, Cartier pays tribute to its most recognizable symbols the panther. Its appearance is connected with the name of Jeanne Toussaint, who since 1933 was director of Cartier haute joaillerie . Her nickname was Panther. Panthers image began to appear in jewelry (“Panther on a sapphire ball” made form white gold, studded with diamonds and lapis lazuli, with yellow eyes was the first and it was made for the Duchess Vinzdorskoy, a fan of Cartier ), and then in 1986 appeared the fragrange Panthère de Cartier.

The floral composition of La Panthère was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent . The top note is gardenia mixed with a touch of strawberry, apple, apricot and rhubarb closing with notes musk and oak moss. The glass bottle of La Panthère recreates the face of a panther.

Face of Cartier’s La Panthère became the American model Erin Wasson. In  support of the new fragrance Cartier released a short video directed by Sean Ellis.

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  2. Dharshini Ranjan

    I love Cartier lapanthere floral flover where to by I’m in australia . I love the sample came from France my husband bought I need to buy big bottle thanks

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