Annie Leibovitz’s ‘sumo’ book by Taschen

Famous works of the photographer Annie Leibovitz will be included in a SUMO-sized book, that will be released by the publishing house Taschen

Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen

Annie Leibovitz’s ‘sumo’ book by Taschen

In March the new limited edition book will see the light , which is a collection of works from the 40 years of career  of one of the most famous photographers of our time – Annie Leibovitz . The publication will be as unusual and creative as Leibowitz herself : the width of the book will be 50 cm, length – 69 cm, and it will weigh about five pounds . A veritable collectors edition. 

Annie Leibovitz is engaged in the art of photography for 40 years , and during this time  she has created dozens of stellar photographic portraits that have appeared in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and Rolling Stone. For the latter , she worked since 1970 where she was chief photographer . It was December 8, 1980 when she photographed John Lennon and Yoko Ono , a picture that later made ​​the cover of Rolling Stone, being the last photo of Lennon , who was killed a few hours after the photo session .

About the project Annie Leibovitz says : “My books usually come from an edit of the work of a particular time. Or they are special projects. Most of them are pretty conventional. Big but not too big. I hadn’t thought about doing anything else until one day when the German publisher Benedikt Taschen came to me and said he wanted to publish my pictures in a limited-edition volume like the one he had made in 1999 with Helmut Newton. Helmut’s book was called Sumo. Benedikt said that Sumo was literally the biggest book, size-wise, published in the 20th century. My book is the third “sumo” book. It is over two and a half feet tall and weighs 57 pounds. Marc Newson designed a table for it. I like the idea that you can leave the book open to a page and let it stand on the table for days and then change it. It’s a collection of prints, although there are rhymes in the pagination. There are riffs. “

Limited to a total of 10,000 signed and numbered copies, this book is available as Collector’s Edition (No. 1,001–10,000) and also as Art Edition (No. 1–1,000 with a signed and numbered fine art print by Annie Leibovitz). Both editions will be presented with a book stand designed by Marc Newson and will be on sale for 2.000 euros.

The Collector’s Edition is available in four different dust-jackets:

  • Whoopi Goldberg, Berkeley, California, 1984
  • Keith Haring, New York City, 1986
  • David Byrne, Los Angeles, 1986
  • Patti Smith, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1978

Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen

Annie Leibovitz's 'sumo' book by Taschen

Annie Leibovitz’s ‘sumo’ book by Taschen




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  1. Mrs. J

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this. I just watched the documentary film on Annie Leibovitz. Incredible story. Especially about her shoot of Yoko and John – it brought me to tears. Can’t wait to see this new book! Mrs. J

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