Kate Moss supports the Russian LGBTI community

British supermodel Kate Moss supports the Russian LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community and stars in a campaign backed by Amnesty International that includes Matthew Williams, Nick Knight, Katy England, Roskanda Ilincic and Gareth Pugh

Kate Moss supports the Russian LGBTI community in a campaign by Amnesty International

Kate Moss supports the Russian LGBTI community


The Amnesty International’s campaign gathered already many important people of the British fashion industry – including designers Henry Holland , Giles Deacon and RoksandaIllincic, stylist Katy England, fashion commentator Caryn Franklin and photographer Nick Knight. Now supermodel Kate Moss joined them to fight against the prejudice and violence directed towards Russia’s LGBTI community. She wore a balaclava and starred in the mini-movie by designer Gareth Pugh and directed by Ruth Hogben and Nick Knight .

Speaking on the project, Nick Knight says, ‘Has humanity learnt nothing? This situation in Russia is an unbelievable step backwards for an enlightened world.’

Gareth Pugh says, ‘The existence of such animosity towards the LGBTI community in Russia is abhorrent. I can only hope that this project helps to raise awareness of what is such a desperate series of events.’

In black and white video Moss and other members are looking at the camera , saying : “I support Amnesty International in their fight against prejudice and violence directed against the Russian LGBTI community.”

More protest films will launch across London Fashion Week.

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