Photographer Phillip Paulus sued Rihanna

Photographer Phillip Paulus sued Rihanna for the use of his ideas during the filming of one her video.

image ©Philipp Paulus and Rihanna in S&M video

image ©Philipp Paulus and Rihanna in S&M video

Singer Rihanna for a second time will stand trial on charges of plagiarism. And the new trial , as the past one , is due to the music video for the song S & M.

The German-born photographer, who lives in New York , Philip Paulus accused the Barbados diva of stealing. According to him, in the video for the song it was used ideas from one of his shots, namely a wall covered with transparent  plastic transparent with huge marks in the form of a letter “X” and the girl behind it . The same scenery that can be seen Rihanna in the video.

The trial will be held on April 15 at the Stuttgart Court. If the photographer wins, then Rihanna’s music video will be removed from Youtube, and is banned for airing on television.

Recall that in 2011, photographer David LaChapelle also sued Rihanna for plagiarism for the same S&M video for $ 1 million.


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