H & M’s first wedding dress costs just $99

Long, soft and draped ,H&M’s first wedding dress is made with eco-friendly materials

H & M's first wedding dress costs just $99

H & M’s first wedding dress costs just $99

Who says a wedding dress must necessarily cost an exorbitant amount to be elegant , romantic, just perfect for your wedding day ? The  low cost Swedish giant H & M , which has always aimed at the younger market segment willing to dress trendy people without spending too much, has now launched its first bridal gown at the modest price of € 79.95 ( £59.99, $ 99 ) .

It is from the Conscious  line , the one created with environment responsiblity in mind, based on the use of organic and recycled materials and is made ​​with sustainable materials that give the appearance of a knitted silk. It is soft and long, with a straight ‘ column ‘shape  , thick drapes on the bust and on the high-end , which marks the waist and a neckline with a shimmering embroidery.

With this dress , the retailer is trying to change the psychology behind weddings promoting on international scale some ideas ​​that are against by those required by the wedding industry, writes the Washington Post.
In 2011 ,Caitlin Kenney , editor of the publication “Planet Money” tried to find out why the dress that she wore on her wedding cost 3500 dollars. She discovered that the material cost only $ 500 , and the execution was charged $ 700 . From a simple calculation, Caitlin discovered that the store made ​​a profit of 200 % .

Kenny concluded that wedding dresses stores are successful for two reasons : they are bought to send a message and buyers do not know about wedding dresses,having the idea that the cost is high due to expense or extravagance of the materials.

For sure the guys behind the $59-billion Swedish brand didn’t think at these issues when they introduced the wedding dress. The brand’s first wedding offering was a $349  gown from the Viktor & Rolf for H & M collection that certainly didn’t have the same success.

After the make up line , lingerie, shoes and accessories, the large audience of fans of the brand is already hoping that this will not remain the only outfit in the series, becoming only the first of a whole collection dedicated to brides.

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